Blissness with Jo McCoy

Aligning and Courageously Shining from Inner Truth


Key Services

  • Gong Relaxations or “Gong Baths” – often wrapped within a Yoga Nidra or “Yogic Sleep” – Public Gong Baths, Private tailored classes, One-to-one tailored Gong Healing sessions.
    • Deeply relaxing
    • Clears the mind,
    • Lets subconscious clutter go,
    • Gives perspective,
    • Gives time out from life,
    • Gives deep, healing rest,
    • Allows meditation at a deeper level (and deepens with practice)
    • Often a profound experience
    • Everyone experiences it differently, but it tends to give clients what they need
    • See Jo’s article 7 Reasons the gong is mindfulness on steroids
  • Kundalini Yoga – One-to-one tailored sessions, programmes, workshops, group and public classes. As taught by Yogi Bhajan.
    • Works on obvious and subtle levels;
    • Balances energy systems;
    • Deep meditations;
    • Breath work (pranayama);
    • Physical strengthening;
    • Increases flexibility;
    • Promotes mind and body healing;
    • Mantra infused exercises and meditations for defined effects on the psyche; 
    • Uplifting mantra music;
    • Yogic philosophy on life;
    • Supported by the gong for relaxation 
    • Increased well being on many levels.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – One-to-one sessions
    • Can be used to removes subconscious blocks, fears and phobias;
    • Can be used for pain;
    • Can imprint in new courageous directions;
    • Contact Jo directly if interested in this service 0778 665 1918.
  • doTERRA Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils– Group sessions and free one-to-one wellness sessions locally.
    • Certified pure oils that can enhance life, health and well being.
    • These highest quality oils are used to enhance many of Jo’s services and she is happy to share how she uses the oils herself and with her family. 
    • Contact Jo to arrange an informal one to one or group sharing session on 0778 665 1918.
    • For doTERRA purchases go to
      To purchase doTERRA products retail – just go to the Shop tab.
      To purchase wholesale (25% discount), go to Join – Set up an account and then Shop from there.  Please contact Jo for more information on setting up.
      N.B. Jo hosts One-to-One or Group sharing events.  There is a free doTERRA gift for hosting an event plus doTERRA gifts to suit your needs, reflective of sales.
  • Personalised Symbolic Art
    • This involves a deep dive into what the client loves about life.  An often life enhancing experience in itself.
    • Jo then creates an oil painting to represent this with a letter explaining the symbology.
  • Jo McCoy Aligned Transformation Programme
    • This is a deeply involved programme of perspective change, embedding new personalised rituals and re-alignment work.  It involves a bespoke set of Jo’s services to create the shift required.  This often involves clearing space to hear our own intuition and then to courageously imprint in these more aligned directions.  This is designed for clients who are ready to leap into a better life, aligned to who they need to be in the world.

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