Blissness with Jo McCoy

Release – Reconnect – Renew

Spa Gongs

Gong Relaxations, Fletcher’s Cottage Spa, Archerfield, Dirleton, East Lothian

Tuesdays 9.30-11am £25 (once a month)

Fridays 5.30-7.00pm £30 (once a month)

To book or enquire about these classes:

Email: or

call +44 (0) 1620 897 580 option 3 (Spa)

Dates coming up:

Tue 25th Oct 2022, 9.30-11am

Tue 15th Nov 2022, 9.30-11am

Fri 25th Nov 2022, 5.30-7pm

Tue 6th Dec 2022, 9.30-11am

Fri 30th Dec 2022, 5.30-7pm

Tue 10th Jan 2022, 9.30-11am

Fri 27th Jan 2022, 5.30-7pm

Each experience is unique, but what seems to happen is that everyone gets what they need.” 

We’re excited to offer you Gong Yoga Nidra Relaxation sessions led by expert instructor Jo McCoy.

This blissful 90 minute session will start with a calming doTERRA oil blend. Then a gentle warming up of the body, some calming breath work, deepened and supported by the Gong and then you will lie down and let yourself deeply relax into a Yoga Nidra “yogic sleep” journey incorporating the powerful sound vibrations of the Gong. No experience is necessary, just bring your presence and willingness to let go, allowing the deep relaxation to boost your well-being.

One of the most profound ways to create relaxation is through a guided process known as Yoga Nidra or “Yogic Sleep”. Yoga Nidra induces deep relaxation, heightens awareness, enables self-diagnosis, integrates changes, and accelerates healing.

The Gong strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system, tunes up the glandular system and slows the brain waves down, creating conditions for deep relaxation and healing. The Gong also has an accumulative healing effect on the mind, body and spirit, inviting clarity, vibrancy and intuition. When the mind is still you can move into your heart and experience more of your own true nature, your own truth, your own connection.

When the gongs are silent there is an exquisite stillness. You will be gently brought round into the space afterwards with time to fully come back and there will be a fresh juice and a moment of calm before leaving the space.

Precautions: Not suitable during pregnancy,  or if you have any condition which may be triggered by sound.

What to wear & bring: There will be a comfortable space created for you to lie down, lined with fresh towels, including pillow and cosy blanket.  It’s best to wear comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing, with layers to cover up for the relaxation periods. Water will be available. Just show up, lie down and let go…

To book or enquire about these classes:

Email: or

call +44 (0) 1620 897 580 option 3 (Spa)

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