In normal times there is a regular programme of public Gong Baths in Edinburgh and East Lothian.  There are one-to-one Gong Healing sessions and a host of one off gong events, private bookings and supporting other practioners events.  They are also used for relaxaion in yoga classes.  Due to the current situation with Covid-19 this has all had to sadly stop.  BUT this is something we can all look forward to enjoying when the time comes. 

The Gongs are agents of Transformation.  The experience clears your mind so that you enter a deeper meditation state than you can usually go yourself.  For some people they may experience meditation briefly for the first time.  For others, used to meditation, they can go much deeper.  What happens is that people seem to get what they need.

The gong has been used for healing throughout time.  Having a sound bath deeply rests the body.  The combination of the mind stopping thinking so much and the body resting can bring about healing on many levels.  Jo regularly has pain relief stories from clients.

Most clients find the experience deeply relaxing and many report a great night’s sleep.  It can be a challenging experience for some though – as the subconsious lets go of its fears.  The integration from this experience can go on after the event – usually clearing by the next day.  Clients normally feel better from the experience and lighter, clearer, more peaceful.

Jo often has clients coming back to ‘clear out their heads’ again.  Some people describe it like a ‘reset button’. Others come to ‘see how deep they can go’ and see it as a practice regular, deep self care; a wonderful experience to look forward to.

Jo offers one-to-one Gong Healing sessions working closely with the breath, hand held gongs work around the body and larger gongs allow the client to go deep.  This is a wonderful, deep, healing experience.