Blissness with Jo McCoy

Aligning and Courageously Shining from Inner Truth


dōTERRA Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

dōTERRA products are the highest quality and efficacy via company with social justice, social impact, environmental stewardship at its heart.  These products are used to enhance and support all of Jo’s services. Jo shares through education classes how she uses these stunning products with her family and in her business. She is growing a beautiful team of wellness consultants.

  • Book a Group class or One-to-one wellness session online.
  • Contact Jo to arrange an informal one to one or group sharing session email with your name and phone number. Jo will send samples ahead of a class. There is a free doTERRA gift for hosting an online event. Current themes:
    • Rushing women
    • Exploring spirituality with essential oils
    • Women’s health; hormones
    • Introduction to doTERRA
  • To purchase doTERRA directly go to
    To purchase doTERRA products retail – just go to the Shop tab.
    To purchase wholesale (25% discount), go to Join – Set up an account and then Shop from there.  Please contact Jo for more information on setting up.

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