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Kundalini Yoga & Gongs

Kundalini Yoga with Jo 

Known as the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga helps you connect more fully to your own inner truth. This is a powerful, holistic yoga practice.

  • We work through sets and deep meditation practices that boost and enhance our energy.
  • We work the physical body, increasing our strength and flexibility.
  • The practice supports clearing the mind through powerful meditations (often including mantra) and breath-work.
  • The practice nurtures our soul through creating space to hear our intuition.
  • You will need a yoga mat, blanket and water/tea.
    • optionally a rug for comfort
    • optionally a cushion/bolster/meditation stool/chair to sit on for sitting work/meditation.
    • for Zoom classes a Bluetooth speaker or wireless earphones will enhance the sound quality.
  • The practice is suitable for all levels, including beginners. 
    • See the beginners handout to support understanding and includes the Tuning in and out mantras that we use in class. 

Kundalini Yoga Classes

  • Tuesdays 7-8.30pm Zoom. Drop-in £12. Flexible bulk purchase options – see below.
  • **NEW Thursdays 9.30-11am, The Yoga Den (at The Mart), East Linton. £15 Drop-in. Flexible bulk purchase options – see below.
  • Fridays 9-10.30 am Zoom. Drop-in £12. Flexible bulk purchase options – see below.

N.B. No classes w. c. 19th October for school half term.  Classes finish for Christmas break Fri 18th Dec 2020.

Bulk purchase options 
6 classes – £70
11 classes – £120
Bulk purchase options can be used for all yoga classes (excluding workshops). Use within 6 months.

N.B. The Yoga Hub classes must be booked ahead with 24hrs cancellation notice.

Bulk purchase option via bank transfer: TSB, Sort Code: 30-13-01, Account Number: 00706587 to Jo Coley (my married name) with your name as reference.
Please email Jo at when paid and which classes you would like to book. You will then receive booking confirmation and login details for Zoom classes.

Private Group Zoom Yoga Classes. If you have a group you would like Jo to provide an exclusive online yoga class for you please email  This is a great way to bond and exercise together and Jo can leave you together in the digital space afterwards to have a post yoga cuppa together. £12 per person; minimum £55 per 1.5h session. Email to arrange. 

One-to-One Yoga. Email to arrange an in person or online yoga class tailored to your needs. £55 for 1.5 hour session. 


In normal times there is a regular programme of public Gong Baths in Edinburgh and East Lothian.  There are one-to-one Gong Healing sessions and a host of one-off Gong Events, Private Bookings and supporting Other Practioners’ Events.  They are also used for relaxation in regular Kundalini Yoga classes.  We are now starting to gently bring them back.  I think at this time we need the gongs more that ever. 

Public Gong Classes

  • Tues 8th Sept, Fletchers Cottage Spa, Archerfield 9.30-10.45am SOLD OUT
  • Tues 6th Oct, Fletchers Cottage Spa, Archerfield 9.30-10.45am SOLD OUT
  • Tues 3rd Nov, Fletchers Cottage Spa, Archerfield 9.30-10.45am
  • Tues 1st Dec, Fletchers Cottage Spa, Archerfield 9.30-10.45am

For Fletchers Cottage Spa classes, book via the Spa: 01620 897580

N.B. More Gong classes will be coming very soon…

The Gongs are agents of Transformation.  The experience clears your mind so that you enter a deeper meditation state than you can usually go yourself.  For some people they may experience meditation briefly for the first time.  For others, used to meditation, they can go much deeper.  What happens is that people seem to get what they need.

The gong has been used for healing throughout time.  Having a sound bath deeply rests the body.  The combination of the mind stopping thinking so much and the body resting can bring about healing on many levels.  Jo regularly has emotional and physical pain relief stories from clients.

Most clients find the experience deeply relaxing and many report a great night’s sleep.  It can be a challenging experience for some though – as the subconscious lets go of its fears.  The integration from this experience can go on after the event – usually clearing by the next day.  Clients normally feel better from the experience and lighter, clearer, more peaceful.

Jo often has clients coming back to ‘clear out their heads’ again.  Some people describe it like a ‘reset button’. Others come to ‘see how deep they can go’ and see it as a practice of regular, deep self care; a wonderful experience to look forward to.

Jo also offers one-to-one Gong Healing sessions. Working closely with the breath, hand held gongs work around the body and larger gongs allow the client to go deep.  This is a wonderful, deeply healing experience.


After going through a turbulent time following 4 bereavements in 4 months I knew I needed some priority time for self care & support for myself to get through & recover. I booked a one to one yoga session immediately followed by a one to one sound healing. I felt all the tension & strain finally start to drain away & felt the most relaxed in weeks. I continue with the regular kundalini yoga practice & will ensure to add in a sound healing too for support, pamper, thrive & revive from modern daily life!” Aileen

The most still I’ve been” Euan (re: Gong Yoga Nidra)

I’d never done a Gong bath before… but so glad I have now. Without question one of the most intense and enjoyable things I have tried in years. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to hold my relaxed state or even meditate for long but I drifted away and in what felt like minutes later it was all coming to an end. The power of the gong is awesome and I would urge anyone to try it, invigorating, life affirming and not the least bit hippy.” Iain

“Yesterday’s session was really good, by the way – my mood was completely transformed and i went away feeling whole again! 

The gong is so much more than sound, it is a whole body experience of resonance, the like of which i have never felt before. The power the all consuming waves clears the mind and heart. it washes you clean of the everyday stress and gives you a vivid and visceral connection with the universe for just those few moments. And that’s coming from a devout skeptic!

I love my Friday yoga and it has completely changes my weekends with the family. I now have the energy and a new joy of life to enable me to get out and do not stay in and slob! After a session I just know life is good and that I DO have the strength to make it so for me and my family – all thanks to Jo and her work!

It’s not just the yoga, it is the trust we have in Jo as a person and a practitioner that enables us to let go and to allow the Kundalini to flow.”  Ruth Colston

“Jo brings a different perspective to yoga through her kundalini approach. I left the taster session feeling subtle in body and peaceful in mind. As enjoyable as a good massage.” Diana Murray

“I had the good fortune of attending one of Jo McCoy’s kundalini yoga classes in North Berwick in September. If I lived closer I would most definitely attend regularly. The class encompassed everything I needed to gain a wonderful nights sleep. I highly recommend this class!!” Jill Willison

“I have been taking taster classes with Jo for a few weeks now and I have never felt so energised, well and happy. Those who know me recognize that I’m on the skeptic side of the fence, but her relaxed and supportive teaching has shown me a stile over my barriers to to self love and learning. Thanks Jo xxx” Ruth Colston

Jo is a gong warrior princess bringing truth to the people through the power of the Naad.” Carole Monnier Clark

“The health benefits since starting Kundalini yoga with Jo have been amazing. 

Jo creates a calm, safe and welcoming space to practise in which encourages me to return and improve week on week. 

Kundalini yoga was a new form of yoga for me and the teaching and guidance from Jo has not only promoted healing but also increased my personal confidence and motivation.

Most notably I have found big improvements in relaxation, control and coordination and improved flexibility which have all helped so much with managing pain I have from significant back and joint issues. 

Thank you Jo.” Catherine Cooke

“Having attended yoga classes for a couple of years, Jo’s teaching of Kundalini yoga came to me as a new and uplifting experience.  Jo explains and demonstrates so well that no-one need feel apprehension about joining in. Relaxing to the sound of the gong is an experience not to be missed!” Diana Murray

“Jo is an incredible kundalini yoga teacher filled with grace and ease. Her vivacious energy fills the teaching space and is infectious!! Jo explains each pose, breathing exercise and meditation clearly and easily answers every question. I personally like Jo’s explanations of the benefits – physiological,emotional and mental – of the positions and breathing sections of each class.

Jo’s excitement and enthusiasm for her gong is unrivalled! I am looking forward to the inclusion of the gong in future sessions – but the question is – is the world ready for Jo’s gong???” Suzi Burns

“Jo’s Gong Bath at The Barefoot Sanctuary was so beautiful – the pre preparation with the yoga Nidra really helped to lay the intention and the whole experience was incredibly powerful- the room was bursting with the positive vibrations -finished off with a grounding cup of herbal tea –

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